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Divorce Lawyer on Long Island

Putting An End To Domestic Violence – Divorce Lawyer on Long Island

Divorce Lawyer on Long Island Unfortunately, domestic violence cases have become all too frequent across the country. Feeling unsafe and intimidated should never be an aspect of an intimate relationship. Shockingly, an average of nearly 20 people is physically abused by a partner in their relationsh...
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Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

Circumstances Involving Child Custody – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

Divorce Lawyer in Huntington Dissecting all of the elements that come into play during a divorce case can almost feel as though they’re never-ending. Typically, the issue of child custody is seen as a tumultuous situation. Clearly, no parent wants to be apart from their child and this can lead to ...
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Massapequa divorce lawyer

Challenges of Being a Massapequa Divorce Lawyer

Challenges of Being a Massapequa Divorce Lawyer It’s no secret, being a divorce attorney is a job loaded with obstacles that need to be anticipated by expert professionals. Fortunately, your Massapequa divorce lawyer firm Simonetti & Associates are fully equipped to handle any challenges heade...
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high asset divorce long island

Examples of Fault in a Divorce – High Asset Divorce Long Island

Examples of Fault in a Divorce In the state of New York, there exists both fault-based divorce and no-fault based divorce. In the majority of cases, no-fault is usually a simpler process that requires much less court-time and dollars involved. Fortunately, New York became the last state to approve n...
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divorce lawyer in Huntington

Coping After Divorce – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

The After Effects of Divorce and How We Can Help: Divorce for many New York families can lead to a future of uncertainty and confusion. It is often the case that after a divorce, the divorcee experience a mountain of financial, psychological, and even physical issues. Here at Simonetti & Associa...
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High Asset Divorce and Financial Experts – Hicksville Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a stressful time in the lives of both spouses.  Especially in the case of a high asset divorce, it can become even more tiresome to anguish over the allocation of each spouse’s assets. There is enough that a person must deal with when going through this difficul...
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divorce lawyer in Massapequa

How Divorce Can Impact Credit – Divorce lawyer in Massapequa

Have you and your partner mutually decided it’s time to part ways, but are afraid of the impacts it may have on your credit? The physical act of divorce itself won’t damage your credit. There are other factors that could potentially affect it and lead to financial trouble. Our divorce lawyer in ...
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