Child Custody Attorney in Nassau County


Spouses are faced with many issues when getting a divorce but child custody is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Simonetti & Associates Law Firm has been voted Best Divorce Lawyer on Long Island fours in a row. Consulting families all across Nassau and Suffolk County, our Child Custody Attorney is known for providing the highest quality care for spousal support.

Types of Child Support:

  • Physical Custody- is one of the most common types of child custody. Once a parent is granted physical custody of a child by a court, this means that the parent has the right to have the child live with him or her.
  • Legal Custody- this means that the parent has the legal authority to make decisions about the child’s education. The parent with the legal custody of a child will have the authority to decide which school to send the child to, which religion the child will practice, and what sorts of the medical care the child will receive.
  • Sole Custodyis often awarded in a divorce proceeding when it can be shown that one parent is unfit to be a parent, often due to financial, drug or alcohol problems.
  • Joint Custodyit can be joint legal custody and joint physical custody, or both joint legal and physical custody. It is pretty common for them to share joint legal custody as well.


Pro and Cons of Joint Custody:


  • Joint custody has its advantages of assuring that the child will continually have contact and involvement with both parents.
  • Limits some of the burdens of parenting for each parent.


  • Children must be shuttled around.
  • Maintaining two homes for the child can be expensive.
  • The child can be resentful towards one of the parents.


Father’s Rights:

  • When parents divorce, fathers sometimes have a hard time getting visitation or custody.
  • In New York State fathers have the right to an ongoing relationship with their children.
  • Fathers have the right to make a reasonable child support obligation.


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