Complex Divorce in Nassau County

Divorces can be a difficult and trying time, both emotionally and financially. They can come with a lot of baggage, even ones that are amicable, mutually respectful, and cooperative. That’s why, even in the best of situations, divorced parties should still get experienced, qualified, and competent legal advice and guidance on matters such as child custody and property division. With complex divorces, in which both parties may have many high value assets, multiple property holdings, or international property amongst other things, these divorce legalities are magnified. Any premarital or postmarital agreements can further complicate the divorce process. As a leading Nassau County divorce lawyer, Suffolk County divorce lawyer, and Long Island divorce lawyer, Simonetti & Associates are the perfect attorneys to help you resolve your complex divorce case.

The lawyers at Simonetti & Associates are some of the most experienced Suffolk County divorce lawyers, Nassau County divorce lawyers, and Long Island divorce lawyers, with more than 25 years of experience in helping their clients get through a complex divorce. We know that the stakes are extremely high in a complex divorce case and many of the issues in these cases are related to: real estate holdings, bonds and stocks, corporate business interests, limited partnerships and trusts, and the valuation of IRAs, retirement funds and pensions. Complex divorces may get even more heated once topics like child custody, child support, and visitation are taken into consideration. Additionally, complex divorces often require you to juggle many different interests. In addition to keeping a fair share of marital property, you may also want to maintain an affable relationship with your former spouse and minimize any harmful effects on your children. Our attorneys at Simonetti & Associates understand this and try to balance our clients’ considerations while also fulfilling their interests. Drawing upon our years of skilled experience in negotiated settlements, mediation, and trial law, our aim is to help you achieve your goals and get what you want.

With a proven track record of success as a Nassau County divorce lawyer, Suffolk County divorce lawyer, and Long Island divorce lawyer; Simonetti & Associates aims to achieve their client’s’ goals and resolve complex divorces as amicably and fast as possible.

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