Dealing with divorce over 50

Generation after generation, people sometimes begin to grow apart from each other. And sometimes individuals are finding that as they become older, they want to be by themselves and not with the person whom they married. At Simonetti & Associates, Nassau Divorce Lawyer, they provide services to help with divorces and other family needs but handled the right way through the law. 

According to a study from, Bowling Green University listed some interesting facts about divorce trends in the United States. Some of those are as follows:

  • From 1990 and 2010, divorce rate for people over 50 appeared to double.
  • 2010, divorce occurs to 1 in 4 people over 50
  • Remarriages are 2.5 percent higher than the divorce rate of first marriages.

For anyone in an unsatisfying marriage, relationship, or divorce should consider seeking counseling or a lawyer.. But for those who are at least 50 or older or are in the process of retiring, should not expect a divorce to be similar to those who divorce early on in a marriage. Declaring a divorce at the age of 50 or older does have its concerns such as:

  • There will be less time to rebuild retirement monies. 
  • A low conflict and expense divorce maintains wealth needed by both partners to be able to enjoy their golden years – separated

Changes to one’s lifestyle and funds available for retirement can be a rough turn for older people. This will lead to an adjustment to a reduction in the quality of life and push back the time of actual retirement. Being able to live longer with a divorce in the mix only complicated things a little more and adds in some stress. But some have the desire to continue on with their lives without the other person by their side. If you have been thinking about divorcing your partner, then it may be time to see a Nassau Divorce Lawyer to help you with any troubles that may be heading your way!

Becoming divorced over the age of 50 requires careful attention to your estate and personal vision of the future. Don’t take matters into your own hands if wanting a divorce but if you are considering separation, speak to an experienced divorce attorney on Long Island, in Nassau County to manage your new life, successfully! 


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Be sure to check out Simonetti & Associates for more information on filing for a divorce. They have great attorneys and lawyers that are very supportive during all the uneasy times at affordable prices. For further details, check out their website for other services that they provide.

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