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What do you say when you call a divorce lawyer?

If it comes to the point in your relationship that you are seeking a divorce from your spouse you will want to hire a family lawyer that can help get your case settled efficiently and rather quickly. While going through this emotional process, you should have several important questions prepared before meeting with a divorce lawyer for the first time. Our Nassau County Divorce Lawyers at Simonetti & Associates have an abundance of experience and knowledge to offer on this sensitive topic with over 75 years of experience. 

So what exactly do I say?

Simonetti & Associates are eager Nassau County Divorce Lawyers that want to help you get your divorce case settled in your favor. When you first file for a divorce one may ask what to even say to a lawyer the first time over the phone. There is an abundance of questions to ask that can be answered by Simonetti & Associates that can guide you through this process. We here at Simonetti & Associates have found an article of what we believe to be the most essential questions to ask while you have your first phone call. You can even utilize the free consultation that we offer to go further into detail about your questions and concerns. The first phone call or meeting is crucial when deciding who you’re going to use to handle your case, and you want to make sure you’re confident in the lawyers you’re hiring.

Simonetti & Associates – Nassau County Divorce Lawyer 

Simonetti & Associates has been named Long Island’s best Divorce Lawyer every year since 2014. We take our time to answer any questions you may have during this challenging time in your life. As the leading Nassau County Divorce Lawyer, we make sure to be present for our clients by answering phone calls, emails and holding office visits at flexible times to accommodate your busy schedule. We take pride in the work that we deliver to our clients and they are always satisfied with our work as well. Please feel free to check out our client reviews and contact us with any questions at your earliest convenience.

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