Divorce lawyer in Huntington

Death of Spouse During the Divorce Process

Divorce is a difficult decision that will affect the remainder of your life. However, with a good lawyer, the difficulties of the process can be eased. Lawyers can help with the following divorce-related issues:

    • child custody and visitation
    • alimony
    • child support
    • the distribution of property/assets
    • protection orders
  • prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Lawyers can also help with temporary child support and temporary spousal maintenance which can help you pay your bills in the case of your spouse being the primary breadwinner.

The lawyers at Simonetti & Associates specialize in a wide range of family law services including divorce and have been voted best divorce lawyer on Long Island for the past four years. After finding the best firm available, you and your spouse will decide who is moving out, who gets custody of the children, the allocation of assets, as well as all other necessary preparations.

The process is going according to plan, but suddenly, your spouse dies.  How does this affect the divorce process? The death of a spouse brings in many complications. The total equity of the divorcing party can be affected, and the lawyer of the deceased spouse might require you to pay his/her legal fees. In fact, the specific changes to a divorce incurred by a spousal death vary from state to state.

In most cases, plans for the divorce are terminated; however, in certain cases the divorce process proceeds. There are several exception cases which require closer examination to determine the judge’s decision. For more information regarding NY state divorce law or to schedule a free consultation on Long Island, click here.

Simonetti & Associates has been practicing divorce law for over 29 years, serving clients in Huntington Station, Smithtown, Commack, East Northport, Stony Brook and other towns all over Long Island. Our lawyers are more than capable of handling any divorce law needs you may have, even in the event that your spouse dies during the divorce process.