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Divorce At An Older Age – Divorce Lawyer in Seaford

Divorce At An Older Age

Divorce at an older age can be complicated for both spouses. It can be a strain on you emotionally, as well as financially.  Some do not understand the realities of an older age divorce, as it can complicate retirement plans and things alike. Although the process of a divorce at this age can be tiresome, it is an attempt to begin anew and find happiness in the remaining years.  If you seek the aid of a divorce lawyer in Seaford, our attorneys at Simonetti & Associates is here to help.  

What Might Cause a Divorce at this Age?

Although there are endless reasons that can cause a divorce, there a few particular causes for a divorce at this age:

  • The couples have ‘grown apart.’
    • At this stage in each partners life, they can realize that they do not know their spouse like they use to. External factors such as kids going off to college or retirement can leave the couple a lot of alone time they have not had in years.
    • When they spend most of their lives raising kids, the couples are busy and distracted from the love they once shared. When they are then left with just their spouse at home, they can realize the love is no longer present.
  • Self-Improvement
    • When you are together with someone for so long, there is a chance you let yourself go, emotionally and physically. The thought of pursuing a new partner can invoke feelings of wanting to improve one’s self.  
    • This may motivate one to lose weight, change the way they dress, get a new hairstyle, etc.  
  • Sex
    • Differences in sex drives can lead to divorce for older people. Despite what ED commercials display, sex drives can differ dramatically as you get older, causing frustration in marriage and lead to divorce.  
  • Longer-life expectancy
    • Today people are living longer than ever before, on average, reaching their mid-80’s. For people just over the age of 50, they have the mentality that they still have plenty of life to live. In this case, they want to live out those last few decades in happiness, with someone they love and not someone they have lost love for.  

Divorce Lawyer in Seaford

Divorce at an older age can be very straining on you, but can eventually lead to the happiness that both partners seek in their lives. It may also lead to many financial complications for each partner. That being said, our divorce lawyer in Seaford can help ease these difficulties.  To ensure that you can enter retirement comfortably, and live out your remaining years happily, contact Simonetti & Associates.