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Divorce in the Digital Age

Divorce is usually never a smooth sailing process and in today’s digital age, social media and the internet don’t make the process any easier. There is an increasing number of divorce petitions based on one party’s unacceptable behavior that refer to social media and the impact of social media.

Social media opens up a whole new window when it comes to divorce. Anything posted on social media is public and can be used by divorce attorneys if they feel the need to use it. Both of the people involved in the divorce have a right of full disclosure, but an online profile could show a different story than the one being shared with the court. It is important to think before you post because even deleting a post right after it is posted can’t assure that it wasn’t seen or was  screenshotted by anyone. Screenshots of posts you made on social media can be used by your ex’s lawyer to gain legal advantage in the courtroom.

Keeping your personal life off of social media can be even more beneficial to you and your divorce than you may realize. Especially when going through a high-conflict divorce, it is extremely important to remember that everything and anything you put on the internet can be twister, manipulated, misinterpreted and used against you. Innocently posting a picture of you out with your girlfriends for a few cocktails after a divorce could be twisted into you not being a fit mother. Something as little as one picture can have a huge effect on the outcome of your divorce.

So although deleting your social media during a divorce may not be necessary, it wouldn’t hurt to lay low for a while on the online world and keep your life a little more private than usual.

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