Does Having a Female Divorce Lawyer Make a Difference?

   In this day in age, we are seeing more and more women take on high roles in the workforce. Women are now holding positions that people viewed only men can hold. With such matters as divorce and child custody, some people prefer a woman’s gracefulness. At Simonetti & Associates, with the help of a divorce lawyer in Plainview, we are pleased to say that out of a team of five lawyers two of those are women.

What are the Numbers?

No matter what the gender of your lawyer is they will get the job done. Many studies recently have shown that women are taking over law firms. Female lawyers are outdoing men in the court and are becoming partners more often than in the past. A few statistics have shown the following:

  • In 2016, the number of women law students in major law schools for the first time was higher than the number of men law students.
  • In the past 20 years, approximately half of the graduates from the major law schools have been women.
  • Women are now making up 45.5% of associates for law firms in 2017.
  • Research has found that female partners outdid male partners in court 70.19 percent to 57.47 percent.
  • Women are often considered to be fairer and less combative in the courtroom and will focus more on defending the client.
  • Women are more likely to negotiate and handle the best outcome through the exchange.

Is There A Difference?

Many people still feel more comfortable with a man being a lawyer and there is still a lot of backlash in the courtroom about women lawyers. Every firm believes in something different and every client believes in something different. It’s all based on what the client chooses and has deemed the best option. Many lawyers are there to help defend you and have the best interest for you and your family. While there may be studies showing women have better success rates, or you are more likely to find male lawyers it’s really up to the client. Your connection with a divorce lawyer in Plainview is always important when it comes down to the final decision. Another factor to consider is the passion they put into their cases. While this is a choice based solely on opinion, no matter who you choose, any lawyer at Simonetti & Associates would be the perfect fit.

At Simonetti & Associates, we are dedicated to giving our clients the best while guiding them through a difficult family situation. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Plainview is extremely simple, just visit our website for more information on our firm, as well as the lawyers we have available!