Does Having a Female Divorce Lawyer Make a Difference?


In this day in age, we are seeing more and more women take on higher roles in the workforce. Women are now holding positions that people viewed only men can hold. With such matters as divorce and child custody, some people may prefer a woman’s gracefulness. At Simonetti & Associates, with the help of a divorce lawyer in Plainview, we are pleased to say that out of a team of five lawyers two of those are women!


What are the Numbers?

Many studies recently have shown that women are thriving within the firms they are working at. Female lawyers are often positively received in the court and are becoming partners more often than in the past. A few statistics have shown the following about female lawyers:

  • In 2016, the number of women law students in major law schools for the first time was higher than the number of men law students.
  • In the past 20 years, approximately half of the graduates from the major law schools have been women.
  • Women are now making up 45.5% of associates for law firms in 2017.
  • Women are fair and calm in the courtroom and focus on defending the client.
  • Women negotiate and handle the best outcome through the exchange.


Is There A Difference?

You may be wondering, does it really matter whether I have a male or a female lawyer? Essentially, it does not but many people may still feel more comfortable with a male lawyer because that is just what they’re accustomed too. In the end, though, it’s all based on what the client chooses and has deemed the best option. Lawyers are hired to help defend you and ensure the best interest for you and your family. While there may be studies showing women have better success rates, or you are more likely to find male lawyers, the decision is still yours to make. Your connection with a divorce lawyer in Plainview is always important when it comes time to make a decision. Another factor to consider is the passion they put into their cases. While this is a choice based solely on opinion, no matter who you choose, any lawyer at Simonetti & Associates would be the perfect fit!


How can we help?

At Simonetti & Associates, we are dedicated to giving our clients the best while guiding them through difficult family situations. We understand that everyone has different needs and concerns when it comes to the legal process, which is why we make sure you have options to choose from at our firm. One place you can’t go wrong with is choosing our very own, Charlotte M. Betts. She is one of our hardest working attorneys at Simonetti & Associate’s and has 23 years of experience in fields such as matrimonial litigation, prenuptial agreements, and appellate practice. She is an arbitrator in the New York Attorney-Client Dispute Resolution Program where she deals with disputes over counsel fees. We are extremely proud to also add that she is considered one of the “Best Woman Attorneys” of 2016. She acknowledges the emotional and financial stress of her clients and helps them through their divorce process quickly and effectively. To learn more about Charlotte, or to schedule a FREE initial consultation with our firm, visit our website!

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 In this day in age, we are seeing more and more women take on high roles in the workforce. Women are now holding positions that people viewed only men can hold.