Divorce Trends

Divorce is an unappealing option to couples facing issues in their relationship, but it may be the best option in many cases. There are some trends of divorce that are significant to point out.

There is an overwhelming belief that couples are getting divorced at an increasing rate, but the reality is that the divorce rate is actually decreasing. Less couples are considering and committing to tying the knot, which, in turn, has decreased the divorce rate.

Another surprising statistic is that women tend to be much happier after the divorce. More than half of divorces are initiated by women and it makes sense as to why they are more happy afterwards. While child custody and spousal abuse could are two major reasons why women are more likely to ask for a divorce, economic independence can also be seen as a contributing factor.

Statistically, the largest amount of couples getting a divorce are people over the age of 50. This can be because couples tend to marry at a later age so in turn they choose to divorce at a later age. Older people are also more likely to have been previously married, therefore increasing the chances of them getting another divorce.

Factors such as religion, age, education, and location can also have an impact on a marriage. It has been found that couples who are married after the age of 25, have a religious affiliation, a child after they get married, a higher income, and a college education are less likely to file for divorce. West coast residents also seem to see a higher divorce rate than couples on the other side of the country.

With these trends in mind, it is always important to remember to weigh the outcomes of a divorce, whether they be positive or negative, and to make sure that the best decision is being made.

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