Divorce’s impact on children

When a couple divorces, many complications arise before it is over. Between lawyers and custody battles, the children are the ones that take a brunt of the after effect. The impact on the children can have long standing effects on both parental-child relationships but future relationships of the child with other individuals.

The parental-child relationship is fragile when the child is young. Having parents divorce at a young age can hurt the child more than if it was later in their life. When a child is young, they’re still being molded by both parents and the ruling on custody usually makes them lean toward one parent. In most custody decisions one parent gets the child during the week, 5 days, while the other gets the two day weekends. One parent clearly has the upper hand due to the added time spend with the child. The bond between either parent and the child can forever be altered by the separation and in some cases it is damaged beyond repair.

The long lasting issues associated with the child after the divorce are well documented and can impact future relationships of all kinds. Romantic relationships could be tainted by the recollection of the past separation and trust issues can ruin one after the other. Not only this, but friendships can be impacted due to the same factors.

For a child to achieve the closest thing to normalcy, parents are recommended to have a 50/50 split in custody. This can prove to be difficult due to school zoning and distance but it could have the strongest influence on the parental-child bond as well as future relationships. No matter the outcome of a divorce, the child will always be impacted in a profound way that they will carry with them their whole life. Divorcing parents should take the appropriate steps to ensure that their children are put first to not jeopardize their future.

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