Divorcing Women: How much do you know about your husbands retirement?

Ladies, are you in the midst of a divorce or even considering divorce? Do you know about your husband’s retirement or his personal finances? Simonetti & Associates is here to help you win the most in your case.

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Jeff Landers, a contributing writer to Forbes magazine, writes for women going through financially complex divorces. He is also the creator of the Think Financially, Not Emotionally brand of books which is designed to educate, empower, and support women before, during, and after divorce. In an article he wrote for Forbes, titled Divorcing Women: Here’s Where Husbands Typically Hide Assets, he states that women need to ask themselves two questions: 1) could your husband be hiding assets, and if so 2) does that mean you won’t get the divorce settlement that you deserve?

Landers states that the first thing you should be on the lookout for is “certain telltale signs that your husband has some dirty tricks up his sleeve.” He also states that you should make sure you work with a qualified team of lawyers, which will help you ensure that you have the professional guidance, and support that is needed to ensure that you have the professional expertise required to assure you get a fair settlement.

According to Landers, upon initial filing of divorce, a lifestyle analysis will be conducted to determine your quality of living during the marriage. Upon conclusion of the initial analysis, taking into consideration your husband’s income, looking at costs of living, extra expenses, loans, assets, etc. it will be easy to determine if your husband is withholding money.

Landers continues to say that you need to be aware of the most common practices of unethical standards that husbands will use in a divorce case.For example:

Purchase items that could easily be over-looked or undervalued
Stash money in a safe deposit box
Tax evasion
Defer salary, delay signing of contracts, hold commission and/or bonus checks
Create phony debt
Step up a custodial account in the name of a child using a child’s social security number
Transfer stock

Although there is much more that adds to this list, the most important thing in the turbulent process of divorce is assuring that you are taken care of post divorce, and not taken advantage of financially. Seeking out help from Simonetti & Associates is the first step in the right direction to ensuring your husband isn’t withholding money from you, and that you receive the allowable amount from his retirement.

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