Paternal Rights on Long Island

Establishing paternity in New York State when unmarried. – Divorce Lawyer in Farmingdale

        Establishing paternity in New York when you are not married can be a tricky thing; most people do not know the best way to go about it. Establishing paternity involves finding out who the legal father of a child is when they are born. If a child is born to unmarried parents then the child has no legal father but paternity can be established through voluntarily signing an acknowledgement of paternity form or petitioning to the court to find out the paternity.

        If you are unsure of a child’s paternity and need to petition to the court in order to identify the child’s legal father it is a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney that deals primarily in family law. Establishing paternity is very important because without it, the child won’t have the same rights as the children with two legal parents. The child will be able to receive the emotional as well as the financial benefits of having both a legal mother and father. The child will have a better understanding of family medical history as well as potential insurance benefits from either parent as well as social security and inheritance and if the parent chose not to stay together child support benefits from the father. The parents can also receive the benefits of establishing paternity; the mother can receive shared parental responsibility as well as less of a financial burden. Being a father and establishing paternity can benefit in that they can legally seek court ordered custody as well as visitation and if it may come to it, the right to have a say in adoption proceedings. The most efficient way to establish paternity is to have a genetic test done to ensure that there is no doubt as to who the father is.

        Establishing paternity is a very important thing and should be done for each child that is born to unmarried parents. It is only fair to the child that they know who their biological father is and be able to benefit from the rights that go with having a legal father. This is why it is necessary to do whatever it takes to establish paternity and to seek out the best legal help for advice and counsel on how to go about it.