Factors That May Increase Your Risk for Divorce – Divorce Lawyer in Franklin Square

Even though divorce is an unfortunate and sometimes necessary experience many of us will have to go through, there are actions both you and your partner can take in order to prevent it from happening.

A breakdown in communication can be a leading cause of arguments and cause irreversible effects such as loss of interest and loss of trust. Whether it is regarding family responsibilities or simply one partner tuning out the words of the other, communication breakdown is one of the leading causes for divorce. Taking the proper precautions in regards to communication on family activities and purposely setting aside time for you both to discuss your thoughts can mean a world of difference for your marriage.

Financial stress is also one of the biggest causes for divorce. Some financial stressors are unavoidable, such as a job layoff or a medical emergency, but many financial issues stem from incompatibilities in money management as well as a lack of communication of expenses. For example, if one partner is an frugal saver and the other racks up debt on the family credit cards, conflicts are bound to occur. By strategically planning your monthly budget, as well as your short and long term goals, you and your spouse can avoid financial problems and strengthen communication even further.

Addictions also are a common risk factor for divorce. If you or your partner has a vice taking a substantial portion of family resources to fund, such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or gambling, your relationship is at a higher risk for divorce. The situation can start to spiral out of control if the financial and emotional strain of the addiction changes the dynamic of your marriage, and it is advised to seek rehabilitation before the marriage suffers irreversible damage.

People can change throughout the course of a marriage and in those cases the incompatibilities that can be insurmountable. A world of difference can be made, though, by simply nurturing your marriage and catching issues in their early stages.

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