Long Island Father's Rights Attorney

Father’s Rights in Hauppauge

Going through with a divorce is an extremely hard decision to make, especially if you have children with your partner. Many men are under the misconception that they have little to no rights when it comes to the custody of their kids. In the past judges have favored the traditional family model, where the mother is the primary caretaker, thus granting custody rights to the mom.

On Long Island, judges tend to be more understanding and accepting of non-traditional family models. It is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible when going through a divorce. There are many lawyers on Long Island that focus on divorce cases that involve custody battles. Simonetti and Associates will fight for your father’s rights and what is in your children’s best interest. Simonetti has been voted Long Island’s best divorce lawyer for the past three years, working with clients from Hauppauge and all over the Island.

Simonetti urges divorcing parents to have realistic expectations. The decision of who will be the “primary managing conservator” or the primary caretaker will rest on the level of each spouse’s involvement in their children’s lives. If both partners contributed financially and shared parenting responsibilities equally then the father has just a substantial chance to become the primary managing conservator.  The most important factor in making these decisions is whether the father was equally or more involved in the children’s lives and if he was involved on a daily basis. Being involved in responsibilities such as taking them to school, helping them with school work, attending PTA meetings, taking them to the doctor, preparing meals or simply just spending time with them and bonding. The court does not want to disrupt your child or children’s lives more than they already are being disturbed. They want to continue the dynamic as close to possible to before the divorce. The primary concern for both parents going through a divorce should be to strengthen the foundation in your children’s lives. Handling it in a mature and respectable manner is important.

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