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Financial Advice For Women Seeking Divorce

When we hear that Hollywood couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce, for many this builds uncertainty with issues in our own marriages. Simonetti & Associates Law Firm in Woodbury is here to help you through those tough times and make the result of the process a positive one. For both women and men, finances during a divorce can be of concern.

Here is some financial advice for women about to embark on a divorce:

    • Women going through a divorce sometimes let financial assets go unnoticed, which is why women should work with a financial adviser. Things are overlooked because they might be too complicated or require to many steps to divide them. Having a qualified financial adviser is the answer to making sure every asset is touched upon.
    • Joint finances they need to be deeply investigated. Before court, do your homework, get as much information you can on your joint accounts. If your husband is the one who handles the accounts, find out all the passwords to bank accounts, where your money is invested, and the account numbers.
    • While you’re still married, start to build up your finances independently. Have your own accounts, build your own credit, and keep some money aside that only you have access too. This is something to fall back on if you’re struggling.

Divorces are hard and stressful. Qualified, trustworthy attorneys is what you need to get the most fair settlements. Voted best divorce lawyer for three consecutive years and over 28 years of experience, Simonetti & Associates Law Firm are the ones to trust during this time.