Long Island Fall Wedding 2016

Getting married Fall 2016? Why you should start the prenup process now

No one ever hopes for the worst, but it is always a good thing to be prepared for the worst. Getting married is a happy and exciting time in yours and your spouse’s lives, especially when it’s a Fall wedding on Long Island, New York. It is important to take care of a number of different things before your wedding and to think about what is going to be the best for yours and your soon to be husband or wife.

A prenup is an agreement that is made before marriage by both partners that outlines the splitting up of assets in case a divorce comes up later on in the relationship. Getting a prenup before getting married can eliminate much of the stress and the financial issues that occur during a divorce if the marriage were to end up in one. Although marriage is a happy time in your life and divorce isn’t even a thought before-hand, it is very beneficial for you and your spouse to have one. Getting a prenup doesn’t mean you’re planning for a disaster, it means you and your partner want to discuss and plan now while you are both in love and on the same page with each other and not later when you won’t be able to agree on anything.

A prenup is a way to divide up all of your assets and gives you both a chance to be upfront and honest with each other about everything in each of your lives. Normally it will determine how the assets will be split up, such as property purchased by either partner before the marriage and things that were purchased together as a family. It also can address each person’s debt and figure out how that can be handled. Divorce can destroy people’s finances and not being prepared for it can actually ruin your life, your financial stability, and even your credit.

One of the biggest parts of divorce besides children, is finances and assets. Having a prenup already completed can help avoid the long and stressful process or figuring out who gets what, and doing so after filing for a divorce can make it very difficult for you and your ex husband or wife to agree on anything. So don’t think of a prenup as setting yourself up for failure, think of it as a way to help yourself in the case of a divorce. A prenup can only help you, in the best case scenario, your marriage will work out and you don’t get divorced so the prenup won’t ever have to come into play. But in the case that the marriage does end in divorce, you will at the very least be prepared for it.

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