Grandparents Rights

Grandparents rights are not given as much attention as parental rights yet it is still an important issue in regards to childcare. You have a right to be a part of your grandchild’s life in some shape or form if your son or daughter is divorced or if the relationship between the parents of your grandchildren is problematic.

You have legal rights if you aren’t given a reasonable amount of time of in-person or virtual communication with your grandchild. The best interest of the child is of utmost priority throughout the United States and rights should be rewarded if you can prove to the courts that your relationship will enhance the child’s life.

In-person communication may not be in the best interest of the child if you perhaps live several hours away, especially if he or she must travel to you, but communication via telephone or over the internet is very reasonable with today’s technology.

Communication with your grandchild can become difficult in cases where your son or daughter is deceased. Grandparent visitation rights are often granted in these cases as the importance of maintaining familial connections can be argued in a court of law.

The outcome may not be so clear in cases where there is some “bad blood” between family members. Parental rights often supercede grandparent rights in many courts, and without careful litigation, a judge may rule in favor of a fit parent’s decision to not allow grandparent visitation. It is extremely important that you have a good lawyer on your side if you plan to ask for grandparent visitation rights,

The delicate nature of family cases can make the process more arduous or put you at a disadvantage if you attempt to go through it alone. As a grandparent, you have a duty to fulfill in the child’s life and it would be in your best interest to seek a lawyer who is both trustworthy and affordable.

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