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How do I protect myself from a vengeful spouse? – Divorce Lawyer in Franklin Square

How some divorces get hostile?

Ending a long-term relationship is usually tough and sometimes it gets ugly despite the foremost courageous efforts for it to be otherwise. When this happens, this could cause one spouse to want to protect their own interests even if it’s at the expense of others.  In a high asset divorce on Long Island, things can get messy and a good way to help you navigate through a divorce like this is by hiring a lawyer, like from Simonetti & Associates.

How to protect yourself

    • Monitor your Finances- If you and your spouse had joint financial accounts while happily married, during your divorce you will most likely still be sharing these accounts. Though removing assets from these accounts is illegal during a divorce, it is still important to watch the accounts for your spouse making a few more withdrawals than normal. If this does become an issue, inform your lawyer.
    • Change your passwords– Many couples share passwords throughout their marriage. But to protect your privacy and security take precaution and change any passwords your spouse might know.
    • Consider staying in your family home- Normally when filing for divorce one spouse moves out, but doing this could cause you to lose all physical property to your spouse. Also if children are in the home it will be good to keep a constant presence to remind them they are not at fault for the divorce and to make sure your spouse does not have the opportunity to turn your children against you.
    • Keep a record of events- Every day, such as time spent with your children, arguments between you and your spouse, and telephone calls. Record all information relating to your divorce, no matter how big or small. If you want to keep your journal out of evidence, address each entry to your attorney. Because you’ve addressed your attorney, your journal becomes privileged communications and may not be open to a subpoena.

You might not be able to control how your spouse behaves during a divorce, but you can protect yourself and your future by following these points. Lastly, make sure you have a good lawyer. If you are involved in a high asset divorce on Long Island and you need a lawyer contact, Simonetti & Associates.