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How Narcissism Affects Marriages

Narcissism can significantly impact marriage and, in some cases, can lead to divorce. At Simonetti & Associates, our divorce lawyer in North Sea has seen many cases involving narcissistic individuals. Continue reading to discover more about how narcissism can affect a marriage and how our divorce attorneys can help. 

How Narcissism Affects Marriages

Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and a lack of empathy for others. Narcissists often need admiration and validation and may become angry or defensive when their ego is challenged. In a marriage, a narcissistic partner may struggle to see their spouse as an equal. They may prioritize their own needs and desires above those of their partner and may have difficulty understanding or caring about their spouse’s feelings. This can lead to feelings of neglect and resentment on the part of the non-narcissistic partner.

Additionally, a narcissistic partner may engage in controlling or manipulative behavior, such as gaslighting or isolating their spouse from friends and family. This can make it difficult for the non-narcissistic partner to leave the relationship and cause them to feel trapped and powerless. These dynamics can contribute to the breakdown of a marriage and may eventually lead to a divorce. 

Divorcing a Narcissistic Spouse 

Our divorce lawyer in North Sea has encountered individuals affected by narcissism in their marriages. If you are interested in pursuing a divorce, our experts are here to offer guidance and support as you navigate the legal process. Interactions with a narcissistic person are often exhausting and frustrating. These factors are even more present during a divorce case. Narcissists will only focus on their personal interests and needs and tend to approach divorce as a win-lose scenario. Here are some ways that a narcissistic partner’s behavior can affect your divorce:

  • Mediation – Mediation is often a fair and effective process for getting parties to compromise, but narcissism can get in the way of productive conversations. 
  • Divorce Agreements – Courts favor agreements between spouses to divorce, and a judge will approve agreements on spousal support and asset distribution that are not unfair. Narcissists typically have no use for agreements. 
  • Unnecessary Motions and Petitions – In the interests of seeking empathy and attention, a narcissist may file numerous motions to position themselves before the court. They want an audience, and you could be drawn into unnecessary drama. 

Not all marriages involving a narcissistic partner will end in divorce, and therapy and support can help couples work through the challenges that narcissism can present in a relationship. However, for those who decide to divorce, our divorce lawyer can help navigate the legal process and advocate for their rights and well-being. 

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