Is It Okay To Date While Your Divorce Is Pending?

How Can Our Suffolk County Family Lawyer Help You?

Divorces cases can take a long time to be finalized. As the situation becomes drawn out, many soon to be divorcees wonder if they can go on dates without impacting any legal decisions. At Simonetti & Associates, our team has the answer for you. Our Suffolk County family lawyer will tell you how to go about dating while going through a divorce so you can still achieve an optimal outcome for your case.

The Traditional Answer

If you’re going through a divorce and have the urge to go out on a date, remember that you are not alone. Many divorcees are often dealing with copious amounts of stress and loneliness, and it’s easy to think that one date or two can help with this. While the traditional answer our Suffolk County family lawyer would give is that people should wait until their divorce is finalized before going on dates, life can often get in the way of this. When you believe dating can help you through this process, you must remember to follow a few simple do’s and don’ts.

What You Can Do

Although people think of it as a solution to this, dating during a divorce can induce more stress than you are already dealing with. However, there are steps you can take to make sure your dating does not complicate your legal proceedings. The “do’s” of dating that our Suffolk County family lawyer would like to share include:

  • Make sure you and your soon to be ex-spouse are separated and the process of divorce has started before making any decisions
  • When possible, socialize in groups instead of pairing off
  • Be upfront with your current situation with anyone you consider dating

What To Avoid

While courts tend to not punish those who have started dating after the divorce process is started, you still need to be careful with how you handle the situation. If you’re not, you may end up in a situation that not even our family lawyer can fix. The basic “don’ts” of dating while divorcing include:

  • Never consider dating until you and your spouse have physically separated.
  • Don’t do anything dating wise in front of your children that you won’t feel comfortable discussing in the courtroom.
  • Don’t get pregnant or impregnate anyone until the divorce has been finalized.    

Contact Our Suffolk County Family Lawyer

Few things in this life can be more difficult than going through a divorce. Having high-quality representation throughout the process can make it all a bit easier. At Simonetti & Associates, we have years of experience helping clients get through even the most tenuous divorces. If you have more questions regarding dating while getting a divorce, be sure to contact our Suffolk County family lawyer today.

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