Can A DWI Affect Your Child Support Case?

How Can Our Nassau Family Lawyer Help You?

Being convicted of a DWI is problematic on its own.  When you get one as you’re going through a divorce case that involves custody and child support, things can head south in a hurry.  At Simonetti & Associates, we vow to represent our clients to the best of our ability.  To learn more about how a DWI may affect your child support case, and how our Nassau family lawyer can help, please continue reading.

Expect To Meet With A Social Worker

When courts make a ruling on custody and child support, they always do so keeping the child’s best interests in mind.  If you get pulled over and receive a DWI, this can definitely play a role in the outcome of the court’s decision.  Our Nassau family lawyer warns that you should expect a social worker to come into the fold after you’ve received one.  Doing so helps the court get a better idea of what is best for the child.  The social worker may do any or all of the below:

  • Interview you and your ex-spouse.
  • Interview your child or other members living in the house.
  • Investigate the daily routine of all parties involved with the custody and child care case.
  • Search your residence for proof of substance abuse.

Affecting Custody

If you or your ex-spouse get a DWI, it can directly affect custody rights.  Whether the divorce case is still ongoing, or the DWI comes after the conclusion of the case, hearings can be called to discuss what has happened.  One of the main reasons people lose custody of their children is due to substance abuse.  DWI’s can point to a battle with addiction, meaning parents responsible may currently be unfit to raise the child.  Our Nassau family lawyer will work with the courts to ensure your child remains protected when DWI’s become present. 

Child Support

To ensure a child is properly supported, non-custodial parents are often required to make child support payments to their ex-spouse.  DWI’s can affect child support payments in various ways.  For example, if you were already a non-custodial parent paying child support and a DWI causes you to lose your job, our Nassau family lawyer can work to get the payments changed until you’re back on your feet.  Should you have been in contention for sole custody before the DWI, you may now end up being non-custodial and forced to make payments you otherwise would not have had to.

Contact Our Nassau Family Lawyer

Even under the best of circumstances, divorces can put massive amounts of stress on you.  As legal professionals, our Nassau family lawyer will work to try and relieve some of this for you.  If you’re going through a divorce and you and or your soon to be ex-spouse receive a DWI, contact our team at Simonetti & Associates right away.  We’ll help you navigate through this issue so you can receive an optimal outcome regarding your child custody and support case.  

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Can A DWI Affect Your Child Support Case?