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Long Distance Co-Parenting

A divorce can be excruciating enough without having to deal with the aspect of co-parenting. Co-parenting is similarly as difficult but becomes even more so when one of the parents moves farther than an hour away from the child. Coping with a long-distance relationship is hard on the parents, but even harder on the child. Learning some tips and tricks about long-distance co-parenting can go a long way in creating a better and more exciting life for your child, even when you’re miles away. If you’re considering getting a divorce while still maintaining a long-distance co-parenting relationship, contact us for help from our divorce lawyer in Plainview today.


Before looking for a divorce lawyer in Plainview, it’s important to think about the way divorce and moving can affect your child’s life. Think of your child’s social needs depending on age. They may be young enough that they have yet to make friends or lasting bonds with classmates, which would be a good time to move them, yet if they are too old, moving them may disrupt their social connections with not only friends but with their other parent. A child 2 or younger may not have the cognitive skill yet to understand how their life is changing. At around 3 and 4, children have better auditory and listening skills, making phone calls or facetime calls much easier and more meaningful for the child. While the mere use of technology is not sufficient for growing a relationship, it can be used to help maintain your relationship while you’re away. 


Once you’ve decided upon moving, it’s important to write out your goals for your co-parenting plan. Some goals you want to think of are:

  • Consistent, healthy communication between child and parent
  • Considerate communication between both parents
  • Reasonable visitation for the long-distance parent
  • A calendar for visitation, holidays, and vacations
  • Commitment to providing up-to-date information between parents
  • Adequate amount and length of visitation depending on the child’s age

Parenting Plan

Now that you’ve planned out your goals, you can start making a plan based around your job, schooling, or location. When planning, it’s important to stay consistent and frequent when visiting your child in order to keep a “regular” schedule in their eyes. Consistency is often associated with comfortability for children, so keeping a consistent schedule is not only crucial but comforting for the child. There are a few other ways to comfort your child during this time. Researching DIY projects, like Countdown Jars, and other similar systems help your child cope with your absence once your visit has ended. Lastly, plan out how your child will travel from one parent to another and much it will cost each time they visit. A smooth travel plan is always helpful when dealing with the anxiety and stress of co-parenting. 

Divorce Lawyer in Plainview 

Divorce can be difficult, especially when children are involved, but the process doesn’t have to be as grueling if you choose a good divorce lawyer. A well trained and empathetic divorce lawyer can help, not only with the legal process of divorce but also with the emotional toll it can take on the spouses and children. If you have a child with your spouse but are contemplating a divorce, take the time to call the best divorce lawyer in Plainview, Simonetti & Associates, and ask about how a divorce may affect your child.

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