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How to Make Step Families Work


The way a blended family communicates says a lot about the trust between each family member. Blending families can have its ups and downs; it can take several years for everyone to feel comfortable. The most difficult detail for a stepparent is parenting a child that is not theirs. Stepparents should first start a relationship with the child as a friend rather than a disciplinarian. This will allow the child to feel a sense of friendship or relationship with the stepparent.


Help The Child Adjust

Children of all types of ages and genders tend to adjust differently to a blended family. It is important to focus on the physical and emotional needs for the child. A 3-year-old girl has a different view than a 14-year-old boy. The teen may take longer to accept the love and affection from the stepparent. It is important to adjust the approach with different ages and levels.


Common Challenges

Blended families are faced with many different challenges such as acceptance, a change of family tradition, and parental insecurities. For example, the stepparent may be anxious about how they compare to the child as a natural parent. Or he or she could become resentful if the stepchild does not fully accept them. Couples should discuss the role of being a stepparent and raising their new spouse’s children. This can lead to changes in household rules to make everyone feel appreciated.


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