Manhasset Divorce

Manhasset Divorce Lawyer

Are you and your partner not getting along like you once did? Is it time for a divorce? If so, it is essential that you find the right Manhasset divorce lawyer to guide you through this complex process. Divorces can be extremely difficult for an individual for several reasons. In addition to the emotion and stress of a divorce, the financial and legal aspect of it can be mind-boggling. For this reason, experience has no substitute. If you are in Manhasset and seeking a divorce lawyer with decades of experience, Simonetti & Associates is right for you.

Due to the chaos of a divorce, there are many reasons you need a divorce lawyer!

  • Expert Advice: even though all divorces are very different, decades of experience allows you to see it all. Whether it’s settling assets, child’s custody or anything else, the right lawyer can make it all simpler.
  • Reduce stress: The stress for someone going through a divorce can be way too much. It also puts a lot on any family members or friends trying to help you find information. A lawyer will take all the pressure off your hands.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Since the law is extremely complex, mistakes are easy to make if you aren’t familiar with the process. You have to much on the line, call Simonetti & Associates!

If you are in the Manhasset area and seeking a divorce lawyer, we want to help you.  We have been representing couples going through a divorce across Long Island for 29 years. Our hard work and rewarding outcomes have left our clients beyond thrilled. For that reason, we have been voted Best Divorce Lawyer of Long Island for four consecutive years.

Your marriage was already one mistake; do not let choosing the wrong lawyer for your divorce is your next mistake. We will make your divorce as simple as possible and be there for any questions at any time!