Long Island Mediator

How Mediation Can Help

Going through a divorce is difficult and can increase a lot of stress, pressure, and anxiety. Dealing with stress, pressure, and anxiety the right way is important, especially for your mental health. Meditation has always been enforced when dealing with hard times that bring a lot of pressure. Many individuals see meditation as just a way to “relax”, but in fact, meditation is way more than just relaxing. Meditation can help:

  • Emotional control
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Reduce anxiety and fears
  • Change negative thoughts
  • Add to your confidence

By taking a few minutes to meditate every day with the goal of becoming more alert with your inner thoughts is a great way to relieve stress and start your road to recovery. Mindfulness meditation helps ease mental health conditions like anxiety and depression to the extent that some clinicians are trying it before jumping into medication.

Many research studies have proven that meditation does decrease anxiety and depression levels. Divorce brings on a lot of emotions so it is essential to learn how to control your feelings. Meditation is so powerful that it actually changes your brain and the way your body responds to stress.

In order for meditation to work, you should try to meditate 10-12 minutes every day or four to five times per week. The main key is really to be consistent. When changing mental muscles in your brain, it takes time, consistency, and repetition. If you want a little more guidance or structure, there are mindfulness apps or you can even take part in yoga classes.

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