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Myths About Divorce

Divorce is an extremely stressful and tough process that many families in the United States go through. We seem to see divorce everywhere, whether it’s the media covering a divorce between high-profile celebrities or people we know in our personal lives. Although divorce is very common in our society, most people seem to have the same misconceptions about divorce. It’s important to know what’s fact and fiction in the divorce process and debunk the common myths about divorce.

  1. Arguments and disagreements will always lead to divorce

Almost all couples argue and have disagreements but that does not always mean these couples have a divorce in mind. In fact, occasionally having disagreements is commonplace. Couples will share different opinions and obviously have the right to convey those views, which can naturally lead to arguments. However, when couples truly care about each other, they will always find a way to resolve and put their differences aside. Disagreements are inevitable but aren’t the main factor for causing divorce.

  1. Living together will reduce the chance of divorce

Most people seem to think that couples living together will help sort out their differences but many studies show otherwise. A study done in 2014 by Arielle Kuperberg shows that there is no relation between living together and getting a divorce. What she actually finds is that it depends on how young couples decide to settle down and those who settle down too early are more likely to divorce.

  1. The mother always wins custody of the children

Although there were laws in place that showed preference to mothers, none of them exist today. If a judge decides that a father is better-suited to take care of the children, then the father will win custody. Each custody case varies from case to case but the main deciding factor for custody is whatever is in the best interests of the child. Additionally, different states have different ways to measure this. For example, if one spouse has committed abuse, the child will unlikely to stay with that spouse. When it comes to custody, there will not be any gender bias in the judge’s decision.

  1. Divorce is expensive

In some cases, this can be true but not all divorces are costly. In fact, a lot of couples actually decided to handle their divorce outside of court and only hire lawyers to help them set up a mutual agreement. Handling a divorce in this way can significantly reduce its costs.

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