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Post-nups in Commack, New York

The numbers show that many marriages ultimately end in divorce. If you live in Commack, New York, a postnuptial agreement is a necessity for this reason. If you have not had a prenup when you originally got married or your circumstances have changed, a postnup is vital.

A postnup is an agreement that is signed after being married and can entail various details pertaining to the potential event of marriage dissolution in the future. Postnuptial agreements are very similar to prenuptial agreements however are completed at a different stage in the marriage timeline.

Postnuptial agreements address topics such as asset division, including real estate, as well as liquid assets such as bank accounts. In addition, postnups address the division of liabilities between both partners such as debts like credit cards, loans, and mortgages. Postnuptial agreements will touch on other also topics such as alimony, child support, and child custody.

The postnup can also outline how property and assets should be divided if one spouse were to die. State law may dictate what a postnup can entail. If you live in the Commack, New York area, consulting with an experienced family attorney team like Simonetti & Associates will provide you with the information you need to go forward with your postnup. Because marriage is ultimately a contract, erring on the side of caution, is vital to protecting not only yourself but your family and it’s communal assets.

If your spouse is looking to have a post-nuptial agreement drawn up, consulting with an experienced attorney who will have your sole interest at heart is extremely important. If there is a disagreement of the terms of the postnup, having your own attorney will help make sure you get through the process unscathed.  

Postnuptial agreements can be very helpful in the event your marriage is no longer viable. They will make the process of divorce easier as well as clearly defined. They can also reduce the time it takes to resolve divorce as the majority of conflicts have already been addressed on paper year priors. Having a postnuptial agreement drawn up and signed is a good safety net to have as well as something that should be considered by every married couple.