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Protecting Your Privacy During Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally taxing process, and when you add in interference and criticism from outside parties, it can become even more overwhelming. One important thing that you should not overlook is your privacy. At Simonetti & Associates, our Suffolk family lawyer would like to share some tips to help you protect your privacy during the divorce process. Continue reading to learn more! 

Protecting Your Privacy During Divorce

There are so many things to watch and do when you’re going through a divorce. Most people want to keep their divorce private so they can focus on moving forward with their lives, so it’s crucial not to lose track of your privacy with so much going on. Working with a seasoned Suffolk family lawyer is one of the first steps you can take to manage your privacy during divorce proceedings. Here are some other ways you can keep sensitive details away from the public eye:

  • Stay off social media – Social media can potentially derail your divorce proceedings. Creating hostile posts about your former spouse can have negative repercussions in court. It would help if you also encouraged friends and family not to post anything negative about your spouse or the divorce and avoid leaving negative comments on your profile. During your proceedings, it’s best to keep your security settings private and avoid sharing any details about your divorce online. 
  • Seal your case – Divorce court records are accessible by the public, so any interested party could access information and details about your case. You could consult with our divorce lawyer to file a motion to have your case sealed and away from the public eye. 
  • Protect important documents – If you are still living with your spouse, make sure that critical documents like your social security card, medical records, and court documents are protected in a locked cabinet. 
  • Control the information you share – While it’s common to confide in your family members and close friends during this emotional time, you should control the information you share with others. The less personal information about your divorce you share with others, the fewer complications can arise. 

Emotions and drama can be at an all-time high during your divorce proceedings, so minimizing the opportunities for conflict is crucial. Our accomplished Suffolk family lawyer can guide you and help you decide the best course of action for your case while protecting your privacy during this turbulent time. 

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Simonetti & Associates is here to help you navigate privacy issues with ease and go through your divorce proceedings as smoothly as possible. To learn more about protecting your privacy during a divorce, be sure to request a consultation with our Suffolk family lawyer today!

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