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What Are The Reasons For Supervised Visitation?

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One of the most commonly disputed aspects of divorce cases involves the custody of a child.  In cases where the court grants sole custody to one parent, the other is typically awarded visitation rights so they can see their child.  In some situations, to protect the child and other family members, the court dictates that the awarded visitations need to be supervised. At Simonetti & Associates, we understand that supervised visitations are sometimes best for all parties involved.  Our divorce lawyer in Nassau County will layout more information about what this entails, and work to achieve this outcome in court should you desire it.  

What Is Supervised Visitation?

As the name would suggest, supervised visitation takes place when the court orders that one parent can only see their child when another spectator is present.  The supervisor can be a family member or a court-appointed social worker. In some cases, the visiting parent will need to report to a designated location to have the visit take place.  In others, the child and the supervisor are dropped off at the parent’s house.   

What Constitutes a Supervised Visitation?

In most cases, non-custodial parents have a reasonable right to see their child.  However, courts will designate that visits are to be supervised if they do not believe it is safe for the child to be alone with this parent.  Factors that can lead to this decision being made include:

  • The court believes there is a risk that the parent will kidnap the child.
  • Allegations of abuse have been made and are being investigated.
  • The parent has shown signs of abusing drugs or alcohol.

Are Supervised Visitations Permanent?

Orders of supervised visitations can be temporary or last indefinitely. The length of time they are required is completely up to the judge’s discretion, which relies on many factors.  If allegations of abuse were made, a judge will have them thoroughly investigated before making any changes to visitations. Parents that undergo substance abuse counseling can also see their visitation outcomes change, as doing so may change a judge’s viewpoint on how safe it is for you to receive unsupervised visitation.  For parents looking to make changes to their visitation situation, our divorce lawyer in Nassau County will help you achieve just that.

Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County

At Simonetti & Associates, we want to help all parents reach optimal outcomes when it comes to custody and visitation rights.  Our divorce lawyer in Nassau County will work tirelessly when offering representation and vows to make sure your child is always protected.  For more information regarding supervised visitation and how it may affect your divorce, schedule your free consultation with us today!

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