Visitation After Divorce

How Can Our Divorce Lawyer In Westbury Help?

Going through a divorce in which children are involved can be especially difficult. While almost all parents will not want to be separated from their children, the reality is that sometimes that is the result. In these scenarios, visitation comes into play. At Simonetti & Associates, our divorce lawyer in Westbury will let you know what visitation after divorce entails, and when it can legally be denied.

What Is Visitation?

Visitation rights apply to parents who lost custody of their child. These rights allow the parent and child to have a relationship even when they’re not living together. However, court-approved visitations can have strict rules attached that if broken, can lead to a repeal of these rights. Our divorce lawyer in Westbury warns that visitation rules set by the court can include:

  • The days in which visits are allowed.
  • Where the visits can take place.
  • If the visits need to be supervised by the custodial parent or a third party.
  • How long each visit can last.    

Expanding Visitation Rights

No parent wants to follow a set of strict rules just to be able to meet with their children.  Fortunately, visitation arrangements can be amended. If you’d like to request a modification, you’ll need the help of a top divorce lawyer in Westbury to achieve this. Our team can work diligently to draft and present a request for modification to the court. We’ll provide evidence that shows why the requested changes are in the best interest for your child, and hopefully get the court to overturn their original decision.

Repealing Visitation Rights  

Visitation rights can be both expanded and taken away. If you’re a custodial parent who thinks their ex-spouse’s visitation rights need to be revoked, consider reaching out to our divorce lawyer in Westbury immediately. Our team wants to ensure that your child remains protected following a divorce. Below are a few examples of why visitation rights may be revoked:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Not abiding to child support arrangements.
  • Physical or emotional abuse of your child.
  • Any realistic potential of the ex-spouse kidnapping the child.   
  • It is the wish of the child to end visitation. 

Contact Our Divorce Lawyer In Westbury

At Simonetti & Associates, our team is well-versed in dealing with visitation disputes during a divorce. Whether you are looking to expand your visitation or have it revoked from your ex-spouse, our divorce lawyer in Westbury can help. Contact us to have all your visitation questions answered today!    

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