Same-Sex Adoption

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In our ever-changing and progressive society, same-sex adoption is becoming more common and accepted. Same-sex couples who are seeking adoption often face uneven legal changes in the system. While an individual’s sexual orientation has become a more openly accepted trait in today’s society, lawmakers throughout many states continue to work effortlessly at suspending or refraining same-sex adoption from happening as others work relentlessly for the benefit of same-sex couples so that they may have the opportunity to adopt.

Simonetti & Associates supports same-sex adoption and will work for you and to make sure the adoption process is as easy as possible. We do not believe the sexual orientation of an individual should matter when it comes to raising a family as everyone, from same-sex couples, single individuals, and opposite-sex couples alike, deserve a fair chance at adopting a child. Simonetti & Associates understands that society is changing, and while the nuclear family is still very much a real thing, same-sex adoption is becoming more common state-by-state as laws are created and changed.

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