Second Parent Adoptions – Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead

Second Parent Adoptions

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to biologically have their own child. If you cannot conceive a child, adoption may be right for you. Adoption is the act of legally taking a child as one’s own. Furthermore, second-parent adoption is a legal act that allows a second parent to gain full parental rights without the “first”, or a biological parent losing any rights. This second parent does not have to be legally married to the first parent. Second parent adoption allows for rights of the adoptive parents that correlate to biological parental rights.

The Process of Second-Parent Adoptions

In New York, second-parent adoption rights are legal and accepted. You first need to petition for court approval for your second-parent adoption rights. When the child is born you must file the petition and paperwork right away. Along with initial paperwork, a home visit will be conducted by a social worker to assess the home situation.

You need to contact your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead to start this process. Attorneys at Simonetti & Associates are specialized in family law and will ensure to support you throughout the adoption process. You should be prepared to answer many personal questions that will help the court make their final decision.

The Importance of Second-Parent Adoptions

Second parent adoption can be an exciting opportunity for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community. For parents in the LGBTQ community, having a child is not a traditional process. The child born may only be biologically related to one parent. For example, gay couples will search for an egg donor and lesbian couples will look for a sperm donor. This leaves the other parental figure to not legally have rights to the child whom they consider their own. This is where the second parent adoption right comes into play. This couple should then contact Simonetti & Associates, the divorce lawyer in South Hempstead for legal assistance. These parental rights through second-parent adoption are protected by the law.

Couples of the LGBTQ community may be worried about discrimination. However, in New York State, the court and attorneys welcome all couples to adopt. Straight and same-sex couples will be treated equally and with acceptance. It will truly be an experience to be enjoyed.

Don’t Wait, Act Now

Second parent adoption can help you get the happiness you need in your life. Don’t wait to wonder what it will feel like to be a legal guardian to your child. Reach out to your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead now for a free consultation. They will be more than willing to answer all of your questions and start you on your journey to legal parenthood.