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Should you get a Post-nup?

As exciting as getting married can be, it can be stressful as well. Beginning a partnership with someone means everything that was once yours is now both of yours and it is important for both of the partners to understand that. Things change over the years during a marriage also, and sometimes the two spouses may have disagreements. One way to try and prevent any misunderstandings or disagreements in the future is to get a postnuptial agreement or a postnup. This contract is made by both of the partners in the marriage soon after they are married. It is an outline of their financial assets just in case they are ever in a situation where they may not have the same feelings about money or other issues.

Things change during a marriage. Incomes can get better or worse, partners begin to have different interests than they had when they were first married, and sickness or death can happen. A postnup allows the couple to ease tensions that are caused by financial worries. This is done by having the couple create an equal separation of all of their possessions in case of a divorce or any reason that would cause the marriage to end. Whether you live near the Huntington, New York area or not, Simonetti and Associates can help you create this marriage-saving agreement.

Although some couples may feel that getting a postnup right after marriage is setting themselves up for failure, it does quite the opposite. This contract is an opportunity for each partner to consider all of their assets and spending, and see how it impacts both of their lives. It is more likely that a couple will agree on issues while they are still happily married and before any financial issues or any issues at all have time to even begin, which is why it is better to do right away rather than wait until problems arise. This way if things do begin to crumble, everything is already worked out and you won’t need to go through the physical and emotional stress of dealing with lawyers and negotiations when you are already at the point of not being able to agree with your partner. This agreement is beneficial to all of the parties involved and can have a huge positive impact on any marriage.