Suffolk County Prenuptial Agreement

Things to consider before proposing

Things to consider before proposing

Proposing to your significant other is one of the biggest steps you can make in any relationship.  Before diving into such an important decision, there are a few legal issues for those living in Suffolk County that need to be thought out and discussed between the two of you. The two most significant legal issues that should be considered before proposing are: deciding whether or not to sign a prenuptial agreement, and how to go about changing one’s last name.

A prenuptial agreement can be one of the most difficult things to discuss with your significant other. You’re essential asking them to spend the rest of their life with you, while also saying that you don’t fully trust them. Therefore, this conversation has to be handled delicately, especially considering the details of the contract.

Pros to a Prenuptial Agreement

If you have your own business or have a large sum of assets, a prenuptial agreement can protect those assets from being divided between you and your partner. If one spouse has significantly more debt than the other, a premarital agreement can protect the other spouse from having to take on the financial obligations of the other.

Cons to a Prenuptial Agreement

Starting a relationship with such a contract can resemble a lack of trust between the parties involved. If you contribute to the success and growth of your spouse’s business, you may not be entitled to a share of the increase in value.

Changing your Last Name

When it comes to changing your last name there are a few ways of doing it. Once you are married, you can change your name by using the marriage certificate as proof. The marriage certificate is also sufficient for a hyphenated last name. If the husband wants to take the wife’s name, the situation is a bit more complicated. Luckily, if you live near Suffolk County, this will not be much of a problem because New York is one of nine states that allows this.

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