Visitation After Divorce

Visitation After Divorce

If you recently went through the divorce process and lost custody of your kids, the courts may give you visitation rights. In some cases, the custodial parent can deny visitation to the noncustodial parent.

If you would like to request a cease of visitation rights or if you think your rights are being wrongfully taken away, you should hire an attorney to help you. Simonetti & Associates located near Suffolk County specializes in all aspects of divorce law including visitation rights.

Reasons for the denial of visitation rights can include:

  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse – If you have a history of drug/alcohol abuse, your rights may be in danger.
  • Disapproval of Relationship – If you think your ex is endangering your child because of their new partner, you can cease visitation.
  • Not paying child support – Late payments are one thing, however, if there are consistent late/missing payments your rights may be revoked.
  • Possible kidnapping – If a parent fears the ex might take their child anywhere in/out Suffolk county without their permission, the courts will not allow the non-custodial parent to be left alone with that child.
  • Child Abuse – If there is a history of mental/physical abuse of the child by the non-custodial parent, visitation rights will not be given.
  • Child’s wishes

If you wish to take visitation rights away from your ex, you must first gather evidence against them. This evidence will be used in court where a judge will determine if your ex is harmful to your child’s well being.

Simonetti & Associates located in Woodbury near Suffolk County NY is more than willing to inform you on the different types of visitations available. Visitation rights are available to grandparents and even siblings in certain cases.  If you have any questions regarding family law, call their office for a free consultation today!