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What Can Child Support Be Used For?

Child support is a continuous and periodic payment made by a parent in order to financially benefit the child from a marriage or other form of relationship. The reasoning behind child support is to ensure that the child is happy, healthy, and being provided for by both parents. The parent that is providing the child support is involved with the growth and development of the child by being able to provide the support for them. Child support can last from the time of a divorce or separation up until the child is either in college or legally declared an adult, depending on the state.

During this time, a seemingly endless amount of money is needed to raise a child to make sure that their basic needs are met, along with some of his or her wants. Child support is typically paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to use towards anything relating to the child. The money can be used for something as simple as groceries for the house, gas for the car, or paying bills. Child support is not meant to strictly cover only the bare necessities of food and clothing. In some cases, the custodial parent uses this money as a form of income that is needed to aid in providing for shelter-related costs such as rent, lighting, or utility bills.

Child support payments can also go toward things that the child does not necessarily “need,” but is wanted or is beneficial to the child, including things such as entertainment and extracurricular activities, which can be discussed and agreed upon between both parents. Realistically, child support can be used towards anything that is relating to the best interest of the child. The money should positively impact the life of the child and enrich their childhood in some way. Feel free to contact us at Simonetti & Associates for a free consultation and to learn more about child support from Long Island’s best family law attorney.