What You Should be Looking for When Picking Your Divorce Attorney

Finding a trustworthy attorney can seem like an arduous process once you are ready to begin the divorce process. The amount of options to choose from can be overwhelming but the process can be much easier if you focus on a few specific aspects that are most important to you!

The first thing to decide is what your goals are when it comes to the divorce. The relationship you have with your soon-to-not-be significant other will determine if it will be a contested or a collaborative divorce. If your marriage is ending on good terms, custody and asset discussions will be conducted much easier than a marriage ending on bad terms. It is critical that you know what you want in regards to assets and child custody at the end of the divorce before you begin the process.

Researching potential attorneys is your next step and you should narrow it down by finding an attorney who is excellently rated and is located near your home or office. It might be best to look elsewhere if you find an attorney online with too many negative reviews.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, it is recommended that you visit with 2-3 attorneys before you pick your final decision. Schedule a consultation with each attorney to get the opportunity to speak with them. Pay attention to how each attorney behaves and move on if he or she seems untrustworthy or they do not make you feel comfortable. You will be working very closely with your attorney and the only way to form a good partnership is if you are able to get along with him or her.

During your meeting, you should discuss all of the fees you will be responsible for. If this attorney is out of your budget, you will need to find another one that you can afford. Also, during your meeting, if you notice the attorney is distracted, such as has many interruptions or isn’t fully focused on what you are saying, this is not a good sign of things to come. The same goes for an attorney who promises you the world. You want an attorney who is realistic with you on the potential outcomes of your divorce.

Picking the right divorce attorney for you is critical to the success of your divorce. This process does not need to be overwhelming if you just keep these tips in mind.

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