When To Suggest a Prenup? – Divorce Lawyer in East Meadow

When To Suggest a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup is a legal written contract made by a couple before marriage. This contract states the ownership of each person’s property should the marriage fail. Prenups may be looked upon in a negative social light, but it could be an effective option for you and your soon to be spouse. Your divorce lawyer in East Meadow can assist you and your spouse through this legal process.

The Importance of Prenups

When you marry, you expect your partner to be “the one”. However, this can change down the road. Having a prenup simply means you are prepared. Prenups can be beneficial to both parties. Both people will have their personal and business-related finances secure in case of a separation. It also allows this separation to unfold in a more peaceful manner because the financial aspect is already taken care of. Lastly, it prohibits your partner for leaving the marriage with potentially half of the marital’s joint assets.

What to Consider for a Prenup

There are many factors to consider when thinking about getting a prenup. Some of these include:

  • You earn a larger salary than your spouse
  • You will inherit a large amount of money
  • You need to secure your children’s future from another marriage
  • You own many expensive properties like real estate
  • You own a business

If you associate with any of the terms listed, you will want to contact your divorce lawyer in East Meadow. Simonetti & Associates will provide you professional legal assistance in deciding if a prenup is a right decision for you.

The Ideal Time to Suggest a Prenup

While there is no one “ideal time”, there can be moments that are more appropriate than others. You want to suggest a prenup sooner than later. This may even mean before you are engaged. If you bring this topic up in advance, you and your partner will have many more opportunities to discuss the topic. You and your partner will not feel rushed or forced into something you don’t want to partake in. In addition, if you have this conversation when you are newly engaged or before you’re engaged, love is still in the air. It will be much easier to talk about financial situations now, rather than in the case of a divorce.

When you are ready to bring up this topic, consider when and where you want to be with your partner. This topic should not be brought up in the middle of a heated argument about finances. Rather, both parties should be in a calm, relaxed state with a clear mind. You also do not want to have this conversation around others. Prenups are a private and sensitive topic that should be discussed between the two people engaging in the act. Resort to a quiet and private location where you will not be interrupted.

Next Steps

If you and your partner both decide on a prenup, you need to get in touch with your divorce lawyer in East Meadow for further assistance. These attorneys can help you get started with the process with a free consultation.