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Avoiding Social Media During Divorce

Social media has become such a significant part of our everyday lives. However, it may be wise to be more cautious of what you’re posting online when you’re going through a divorce. Many people are tempted to use social media to update their loved ones on their divorce proceedings, but according to our divorce lawyer in East Quogue, this could be a grave mistake. Please continue reading below to discover why you should avoid social media and how our experienced attorneys at Simonetti & Associates can lead you down the right path! 


Avoiding Social Media During Divorce

While connecting with others through social media during an emotional divorce may seem harmless, your posts can work against you during proceedings. Social media posts and comments are admissible as evidence in court, so any post can create challenges. Regardless of your platform of choice, our divorce lawyer in East Quogue would like to share why you should avoid social media during your divorce:

  • Custody Arrangements – As a parent, you want what is best for your children. Custody battles are often a contentious area of divorce. One disparaging remark against your ex-spouse on social media could come back to haunt you and jeopardize your custody agreement. 
  • Pictures – While not all posts on social media will impact your proceedings, a seemingly innocent photo can expose information about your lifestyle and be taken out of context. Your posts can also be used as additional ammunition against you in court for property division arguments or child support. 
  • Gossip – Even if you set your accounts to private or block certain users, your ex-spouse might be able to see specific posts or hear rumors. 

Steering clear of social media until your divorce has been finalized can save you a lot of stress. However, we still understand that social media has its benefits. If you wish to stay active, avoid posting anything questionable or disparaging to protect yourself. 


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At Simonetti & Associates, our team wants you to play it safe on social media so that you can achieve the best possible outcome for your divorce. To learn more about how our divorce lawyer in East Quogue can help, contact us today and request a consultation!

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