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Dating During Divorce

While divorcing is always hard, it does not have to be the end of the world. People often question how soon is too soon to go into another relationship during or after a divorce, as they wonder how it will make them look in court. Most people assume that dating during divorce will appear negative on their character during court appearances, but at Simonetti & Associates, we will not judge what you choose to do.

As the best divorce lawyers on Long Island, we at Simonetti & Associates want you to know that dating during your divorce will not affect your divorce proceedings. Because New York is a no-fault state, you do not have to prove fault in the marriage in order to file for a divorce. You will not have to worry about how dating during divorce will reflect on your character, as this does not put you at fault.

While it may not put you at fault per se, if you do decide to date before your divorce is finalized, just try and be careful with who you are dating. It is not necessarily dating itself that will make you look bad, but who you are dating will reflect who you are. As you are still legally married, definitely do not try to rush the relationship (moving in together, getting engaged again, introducing your new partner to your kids), as your spouse could easily use this information against you. Aside from the legal reasons why you should not date during a divorce, there are emotional reasons tied to it as well. While it may seem like a good idea, and your partner may give you the emotional support that your spouse did not give, keep in mind that divorce is a stressful thing and you should not make major decisions like this during stressful times.

Although we at Simonetti & Associates will not judge your decisions, keep in mind that what you can impact your divorce and how much money are entitled to in the end. The judge might not agree with your choices, and this can appear negative on your part, and your spouse may use this against you in court. So our advice would be to lay low on dating before your divorce is finalized, do not rush into a serious relationship right away, and keep others in mind before making any decisions.