When is the best time to get a divorce?

The saying “timing is everything” can apply to many things but is divorce one of them? Although you might not think any time is a good time to get a divorce, timing is everything when it comes to filing for a divorce.

January is the start of a new year and new beginnings, which is why it’s the most popular month to file for divorce. January starts a new chapter in your life, so what better way to start the year than to do the thing you’ve been stressing and dreading.  Start the New Year with a clean slate. January is also an ideal month to file for a divorce for financial reasons. January is the start of a new tax year as well, meaning you will have time to plan for the following year. Figuring out your tax implications, mortgage and decisions regarding your children is timely. Starting in January will give you enough time to get all of this sorted out by the following New Year. If you and your spouse are cooperative with each other, everything should be able to get done. Aside from January, March and August have also been shown to be ideal months to file for divorce. March and August also symbolize new beginnings. Summer vacation and Valentine’s Day may be times when you’re trying to work on your relationship. Failure to fix your marriage during those times can mean new beginnings right after.

Now that you picked the time that is best for you to get a divorce, it’s time for you to be prepared for what you’re going to have to do during the process. First, collect your financial paperwork. Next, establish your own credit and open your own bank accounts. After that start planning financially for your divorce. Start saving to help pay the divorce funds and plan how you’re going to cover the financial aspects of it. Finally get yourself a team that will help you through this process.

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