Bobby Flay’s Bitter Divorce

Let’s face it, divorce is not enjoyable. The life you previously had when married changes and you’re trying to find yourself through a painful situation. It can even be harder as a celebrity, and for celebrity chef Bobby Flay, the divorce roller coaster has affected him the past couple of months. Bobby Flay is a best known American television chef, frequently appearing on the Food Network channel and becoming household name in the food industry.

In recent news, Bobby has been caught in the headlines from his devastating divorce with wife Stephanie March. Bobby filed for divorce in early March from his estranged wife of 10 years, after his spouse questioned him on rumors he was romantically involved with Mad Men star, January Jones in 2010.  The couple spent three weeks living separately until Bobby finally filed. March claims that Bobby never had time for her and the couple eventually grew apart. The separation got messy when rumors swirled about the celebrity chef cheating on his wife for months or even years before their break up. A friend of March’s spoke out about when she found out Bobby was cheating. “She came to my house and was sobbing uncontrollably,” claimed Maia Madison. “She said, ‘I can’t believe the last 10 years of my life have been a lie.” Bobby claims these allegations are false and it was just a false story to insert into the press and to help with his wife’s divorce battle.

Due to many accusations of affairs, Bobby has been low on the radar. The couple’s prenup requires Bobby to pay his wife $5,000 a month, but supposedly March wants to fight it because of the cheating claims. Divorce battles are not a easy process and revolve around an ongoing battle with the last person you want to talk to. Hopefully Bobby and Amanda can get through it.

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