Does Living Together Before Marriage Really Predict Divorce? – Divorce Lawyer in Franklin Square

Living together before marriage can be a major issue nowadays. The divorce rate is without a doubt increasing as the years go on. One issue leading to this can be rushing to move in together. Its almost like testing your relationship, when in reality, you should know the woman you are going to marry is the woman you want to live with. A lot of younger couples want to live together before marriage and quickly find to learn they may share different values. For example one may be more religious than the other, or one may be dirtier than the other. There are so many things you can learn about someone from living with them, and this can only affect your relationship in the long-term. In order to devote your life to someone you should know everything about them, but that takes time. You may think you know someone when really everything can change before your eyes.

So in order to get to know someone enough to marry them, you really need to stay with them for years. If you date for only a year or so and move in together you’re putting your relationship in jeopardy because that’s not long enough to learn who they are. Theres so many instances where couples start living together and get annoyed at one another, or get sick of their habits, or realize how tough it is to live with someone. Its a huge commitment to share roles with someone else and take on the responsibility of doing everything in unity. For that reason couples who rush to live together don’t realize how big of a commitment it is which leads to problems in their future.

Before settling down with someone you should also be in a position where you are financially stable with a full-time job. The expenses that get thrown on you is something you may not be prepared for. This is an ongoing problem for couples because they may not have a steady job before moving in together, and find its hard to pay the bills. Above all, make sure you know everything about the person you wish to share your life with but don’t rush cohabitation because it is a leading cause of divorces.

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