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Do I have to pay child support for children that are not mine? – Divorce lawyer in Commack

Divorces do happen. One topic that sparks a lot of discussion during a divorce is the issue of child support. If you are going through a divorce, reach out to Simonetti & Associates and meet with a divorce lawyer in Huntington. Our team will have more knowledge regarding theses divorce issues and will ensure that everyone gets what he or she deserves in terms of child support payment.

How Long Will The Child Support Last?

In order to better understand when you should be paying child support for your child, you should consult a divorce lawyer. However, the law will require you to pay child support until:

  • The child is not a minor anymore – there is an exception in this case which is when the child has special needs.
  • When your parental rights get terminated by the law – for example, through an adoption.
  • When a court of law declares your child emancipated – that is, your child gains the ability to support himself or herself earlier than normal.

If you have any questions regarding the length of child support lasts, you can contact Simonetti & Associates to speak with a divorce lawyer in Huntington.

Situations Where You Have To Pay Child Support

1. If You Are the Biological Parent

This is the most common scenario which will force you to pay child support. The child support you pay for your biological children will be used for housing, clothing, and food. Note that you can only stop providing support for your biological children if any of the scenarios we have mentioned previously occur.

2. Adoptive Children

Although in many cases a non-biological parent is not obligated to pay any kind of child support, there is an exception for when the child is adopted. You will have to pay child support irrespective of whether you adopted the child together with your partner or a step-parent adopted a partner’s child. A divorce does not alter the adoption irrespective of the situation in which it took place.

3. The Case of Your Spouse’s Children of No Relation to You

In general, when the parent remarries, the new marriage is not supposed to interfere with the previous child support. The biological parent is supposed to continue paying the child support. However, this usually depends on what the spouses agree on during the marriage.

Let Us Help

Dealing with issues like child support during a divorce can be really confusing. If you are not very conversant with what the law requires you to do and the rights that you hold in such a case, you may end up with more expenses than you deserve. To avoid this, you can contact Simonetti & Associates and meet with a divorce lawyer in Huntington. You will get all the legal help you need to ensure your legal rights are respected during the divorce proceedings.