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Collaborative Divorce

Have you and your spouse come to terms with wanting a divorce but want to avoid the messy situation that can happen in the courtroom? If so, collaborative divorce could be right for you. The term collaborative divorce means that you can settle agreements for your divorce with your attorney but without a formal proceeding. Because there is no official court hearing, you must hire an attorney. This can be a stress-free experience if you contact your divorce lawyer in Wantagh. You will sit down with your lawyer face-to-face with your spouse and his/her lawyer to address issues that need to be resolved to get divorced. However, if either spouse wants to take matters to court, then the collaborative divorce process ends.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

There are many benefits of a collaborative divorce for both parties involved. These include but are not limited to:

  • A potential expedited process. Because there is no court involved, and both parties are willing to collaborate, the process can be quicker than bringing the case to court.
  • A low cost. There are little paperwork and no court hearing so that the price can be smaller than a traditional process.
  • A non-combative approach. Taking this civil approach can emotionally help all parties involved. This respectful process can end your marriage peacefully with support from your divorce lawyer in Wantagh.
  • A sense of control. In this process, both parties can have control over the outcome and decisions that may affect your lives after the divorce.

Hire a Lawyer Today

The entire process of a collaborative divorce hinges on you and your lawyer. Simonetti & Associates can provide you with a divorce lawyer in Wantagh that will get you to a successful outcome. While this process involves you and your spouse to negotiate terms, an attorney is your direct representative. Although it is supposed to be a collaborative process, there could be issues or disagreements that come up. Your attorney is there to advocate for you and to guarantee that your rights are protected. Because an attorney is there to be a middle-ground for discussions, both parties will come out of the disagreement with less resentment than if you were to speak for yourself. A collaborative divorce can be a civil way to end your marriage and to carry on to your new future stress-free.