Nassau County Complex Divorce Lawyer

The complexities of complex divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is probably the easiest part of the process. Divorces get complicated in the process, they can get messy, emotionally and financially frustrating. It’s even worse if the divorce is contested. Even when the couple is cooperative and mutually respectful to each other, there is still a lot of baggage to deal with and time that needs to be put aside for this process. It is essential that divorced parties hire a experienced, qualified, competent legal team who can provide  guidance on issues like child support and property division, but it’s even more essential when it’s a complex divorce.

Complex divorces are when both parties may have high valued assets, multiple property holdings, international property, real estate ownerships, tax problems, trust assets, marital assets in several states,  etc. These divorce legalities are magnified. Any kind of premarital or postmarital decisions can complicate the divorce even more. Complex divorces are of much higher value, they are high end issues. Complex divorces can also be when spouses are involved in taboo behavior like adultery, gambling, drug or alcohol abuse or have mental health issues.

The amount of help needed for a complex divorce depends on how many other things are involved. It is essential to hire an expert to handle the situation and a financial planner is necessary. Coming down to a decision on the disputed assets can get complicated. Mediation is an option. If you decide on mediation, you and your spouse have decided to come to a mutual agreement. Both spouses are able to express their feelings, concerns, opinions, demands, facts and options. Both would be able to speak freely and be on the same page to come down to a decision.

If mediation isn’t right for you. You can make a decision with a team. This is also known as collaborative law. In this case, you would have a neutral specialist speaking for you. Each party would have their own attorney protecting your interests and concerns. If a decision isn’t made after several meetings, the spouses need to enter litigation. In doing this you are agreeing to going to court and present facts that might’ve been private, but once brought to court they are open to the public. When you are entering a complex divorce, you need to make sure that you are hiring someone with expertise, that has experience specifically with complex divorces.

Simonetti & Associates on Long Island provides valuable representation at a low cost. With more than 25 years of experience in law, including complex law. We know that many of the situations can get complicated and there is a lot of decision making on valuable assets. We do our best in balancing the client’s considerations and fulfilling their interests. Contact us today for more information.