Farmingdale Divorce Attorney

Farmingdale Divorce Attorney

Are you in the Farmingdale, Long Island area looking for an excellent divorce attorney to help you with your case? Divorces can be very stressful, especially if you and your partner are not agreeing on many decisions that need to be made. A divorce attorney can help you make this situation easier.

For more than 28 years, Simonetti & Associates have been providing quality services for Farmingdale residents who have gone through a divorce. An attorney that is respectful, empathetic, transparent, provides clear communication, knowledgeable of the New York state laws, experienced, committed to their client and reasonably priced.

We know how intimidating a divorce can be. Therefore, we start off with a free, no obligation consultation. During this consultation, we take the time to listen and fully understand your concerns. We explain and make sure you understand the legal process and thoroughly explain the different options for dissolving your marriage. At this time we would also answer any questions you may have regarding the process and costs. Our attorneys will be able to analyze your case and give you an estimate of time and costs. After this you will be given an orientation to the firm’s day by day operations. You will learn that you will be able to contact your attorney at all times and you’ll know that they will be working hard on your case.

There are many issues that a couple needs to address including division of assets including property and investment accounts, divisions of debts including mortgages and other liabilities, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance or alimony. Couples who negotiate and agree on every aspect can present the settlement agreement to the court and if the court approves, the uncontested divorce would be considered final. If the couple disagrees on one single issue, the case can lead to a contested divorce. It can lead to a negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Our attorneys will make sure you receive the best service and attention your case needs. If you live in the Farmingdale, New York area, contact us today to speak to an attorney and set up your consultation. You don’t need to make this situation more overwhelming and stressful. Let us take care of you and take the weight off your shoulders.