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A child watching their parents go through a divorce can be emotionally tough on them, especially when it comes to custody and visitation rights. Then a year or so after the divorce, you may be  ready to move on with your life and the prospect of potentially getting remarried. Custody and visitation rights have already been finalized but you’re nervous the remarriage may complicate legal matters and rehash the entire divorce.

A remarriage may cause a significant change in the child’s lifestyle depending on the custody and visitation rights that were established. There are a few things to take note, that can be beneficial to streamlining this process.

Try and avoid a negative stepparent relationship. Figure out a way to help your children bond with their potential new stepparent. If they do not get along, your former spouse may force the the courts to get involved. Although emotional issues are bound to arise, do your best to facilitate a non-threatening relationship between both of them so that they will feel comfortable. If not,  visitation and custody issues may need to be revised..

A positive relationship between the stepparent and child may make you want to spend more time with your child. Your new spouse may be kind, supportive and get along well with your children. The courts may consider this request mainly if you can prove the remarriage is enhancing your child’s quality of life at home.

After remarriage, child support obligations may change as well. The only time child support will change after remarriage is if the receiving parent remarries or the paying parent faces a financial change from their remarriage.

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