The Difference Between Private Adoption and Agency

Have you been doing some research on adoption? That’s great! There’s a lot to know. In your searches, you may have come across agency and private adoption and wondered, “what’s the difference?” We’re here to help and hopefully take you one step closer to adopting a new member to your family.

Private Adoption

Private adoption starts with the adoptive family seeking out an expectant mother with the help of an attorney. Some families prefer private adoption because it gives the adoptive parents the option to be involved in the birth mother’s pregnancy. An attorney will help walk you through every step of the adoption process- starting with helping you advertise yourself to an expectant mother and matching you to those most compatible. They will also work with you in determining the expenses that will be paid during and post pregnancy. You may also be inclined to pay for the birth mother’s medical expenses. The attorney will also assist in obtaining the birth mother’s consent for adoption and any other necessary arrangements. If you’re looking for a Long Island adoption attorney, Simonetti & Associates has more than 29 years of experience in guiding families through the adoption process.

Agency Adoption

Instead of seeking an expectant mother that will be fit for the adoptive parents, agencies will seek adoptive parents and match them with the child. Unlike private adoption, there is no contact between the birth family and the adoptive family. However, families often prefer agency adoption because the cost tends to be less than that of a private adoption. The billing process is different as well. An agency adoption will usually require a fee and scheduled billing cycle.  Families will also receive assistance from the agency throughout the process. An attorney will not have much involvement in this process but will be needed in finalizing the adoption.

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